Burn Proof Gear, BPG Suppressor Cover, Custom (BPG-SC-HCC)



When properly installed, the cover should not rotate easily or slide forward. If it does, make sure the FR Sleeving is shorter than the suppressor; 0.25” gap (exposed section) at each end.

Suppressor Cover – Black, FDE – Kevlar fabric is heat rated to 1000 F temp. *If it is too hot to touch, let it cool down*

Safety recommendation: If the suppressor is too hot to touch with the cover on, you should allow it to cool off before handling or resuming your firing schedule. We have found this to be at roughly 90 rounds fired. Keep in mind, the suppressor and cover will take some time to reach its thermal peak after being fired full-auto or mag dumping. Typically, the suppressor will rise 7 F for every shot fired of 5.56.

If you plan on shooting full-auto or getting the suppressor extremely hot, you can double or triple up 

Color/Finish Multi
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