CRKT Berserker Axe, Tennessee Hickory Handle, Black Carbon Steel Blade (2736)

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Designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Get a glance of the Berserker Viking-style axe and you know trouble’s coming; if you’re an unsplit round, that is. The long cutting edge of the bearded axe blade is a powerful companion for big-swing jobs, fine slicing, and everything in between.

For designer Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical, the well of creative inspiration is bottomless. The proof is in this powerfully reminiscent Viking-style axe that features distinctive RMJ design touches. The utilitarian bearded edge is built for taking a big bite out of a sapling, but choke up on the Tennessee hickory handle and the carbon steel blade readily slices a thick tomato for your cast iron creation.

A traditional Viking axe makes for an anything-but-typical camping companion.

  • Forged Tough: 1055 carbon steel provides durability and edge retention
  • Enhanced Protection: Manganese Phosphate coating improves corrosion resistance
  • Durable: Tennessee Hickory is a dense material that withstands hard use
  • More Than Chop: Beard on axe head tackles many useful cutting tasks
MPN 2736
UPC 794023000000
Color/Finish 1055 Carbon Steel
Overall Length 19"
Blade Finish Manganese Phosphate Coating
Blade Steel 1055 Carbon Steel
Handle Material
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