SilencerCo Saker ASR 5.56mm Rifle Silencer with Mount (SU2256)

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The Saker® ASR sets the industry standard for ease of use, modularity, and durability. The Saker ASR was designed for bolt action, semi-auto, and full-auto firearms. In addition to its performance, the Saker ASR’s design allows for maximum user adaptability and convenience. ASR™ (Active Spring Retention) Mount technology facilitates attachment via a variety of different flash hiders, muzzle brakes, and direct thread mounts.

The Hoplon Baffle® deflects debris and increases suppressor lifespan on short barreled rifle and full auto applications using Cobalt 6 (Saker ASR 556 and Saker ASR 556K only).

Compatible with Charlie mounts and front caps, and all ASR Muzzle Devices — the versatility you’ve come to expect from SilencerCo.

5.56 NATO: 129.6 dB
7.62 MM: 132.9 DB
300 BLK: 119.0 dB
300 WM: 137.7 dB

MPN SU2256
Color/Finish Black
Materials Stainless Steel / Cobalt 6
Caliber/Gauge 5.56mm
Caliber Rating 5.56mm
Mount System Mount Included 5/8x24
Barrel Restrictions No
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