Surefire SOCOM556-Mini2 5.56mm Silencer, Black (SOCOM556-MINI2-BK)


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Make Every Inch Count. When the going gets tight, an inch can mean the difference between efficiently engaging the enemy or getting caught in a vulnerable position. That’s why we created the SOCOM556-MINI2. It delivers performance levels similar to the model that assured SureFire’s victory in the demanding USSOCOM suppressor trials, but in a more compact package optimized for 14.5-inch and longer barrels.

A mere 5 inches long, it places a premium on efficiency and maintains the quality synonymous with every SureFire suppressor. Our innovative internal baffling significantly decreases back pressure, cyclic rate and gas blowback. The net result is a tremendous reduction in sound and dust signature with virtually undetectable first-round flash and minimal, consistent point-of-impact shift.

  • Eliminates first-round flash, a phenomenon common in most suppressors

    Suppresses visible flash up to 99%**

    Five-inch overall length reduces weapon length for minimal impact on handling characteristics

    Cutting-edge internal venting reduces back pressure, cyclic rate and gas blowback to significantly decrease operating temperatures

    Durable high-temperature Inconel alloy/stainless-steel construction ensures unrivaled dependability even with full-auto use

    Tight tolerances and precision bore concentricity result in superior accuracy

    Fast-Attach® design allows fast, secure, easy attachment, and removal without tools

    Compatible with the SureFire array of mounting adapters (flash hiders, compensators and WARCOMPS)

    All SOCOM556-MINI2 suppressors are test-fired to verify sub-1 MOA group size and point-of-impact shift

    Every SureFire SOCOM Series suppressor comes with a FirstSpear™ MOLLE pouch and cleaning brush

    Durable construction delivers a long service life

    Proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

    **Lowest flash signatures recorded when using ammunition with flash retardant powder

UPC 84871324465
Color/Finish Black
Materials High Temp Alloy / Stainless Steel
Weight 15 oz (425 g)
OAL 5.0 in (12.7 cm)
Caliber Rating 5.56 mm (.223 caliber)
Mount System Muzzle Device Not Included
Diameter 1.5 in (3.8 cm)
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