Edgar Sherman Design, ESD, Pull Tab


The Edgar Sherman Design Pull Tab is designed to help increase the consistency of your adjustments when manipulating your ESD sling or a zipper.

The true beauty of the ESD Pull Tab lies in its adaptability.

Its unique shape accommodates multiple gripping styles, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold in every situation.

Its rubber softens or removes noise when attached to zippers and provides a safer material to grip in extreme cold.

But its design doesn’t stop at physical functionality – The ESD Pulltab comes in a wide array of colors allowing you to stylize it to your gear but most importantly you can use it for identifying and designating storage.

If you’re an avid backpacker and you want to have a pouch to store all your water purification equipment use a blue pull tab, if you have a medical pouch for trauma use a red pull tab.

This process not only aids in your visual cues but can assist others when searching through your bag.

“There’s a tourniquet in the pouch with the red pull tab”.

The ESD Pulltab is designed to survive everyday wear and tear in extreme environments. It’s also designed to break away at around 45 pounds of pull force.

We did this with the military end user in mind to help prevent any sort of hazardous snags on brush, nails, metal, etc.

You can trust your pull tab will survive regular usage but if you ever are snagged on something it won’t impede upon the task at hand!

Effortlessly attach it to bags, backpacks, jackets, and level 7 PCU systems, or utilize it on your ESD sling or camera strap. Proudly made in the USA with US materials you can use a product that enhances your daily life and continues supporting the American dream.

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