Edgar Sherman Design, Swivlah for Holsters, Gray (ESD-SWIV-GRY)


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The ESD Swivlah is a product that optimizes the way you work with your Safariland QLS system and thigh strap. This small piece of Tegris relocates your thigh strap and allows for freedom of movement using human-centered design
The addition of a thigh strap to a holster system can offer much-needed stability to a piece of gear that sees a lot of movement. This benefit comes with one major drawback. One of the chief complaints from shooters who use a thigh strap is that it constantly runs up their leg and begins to cause discomfort during extended use or dynamic movement. For a while, Edgar has been experimenting with different designs and solutions to this problem. We’ve come up with a solution that is lightweight, low profile and allows your gear to adapt to your movements.
This small piece of Tegris attaches between your QLS receiver plate and your Safariland holster belt loop and drops the strap further down your thigh. The hole in the top of the extension allows the piece to move freely with your body during running, crouching, or other dynamic movements. You will receive two pieces of Tegris, one thin(I) and one thick(II), to allow you to dial in the right amount of flexibility and rigidity for your needs. If you want the most rigid piece possible you can stack the two pieces together. As always the ESD Swivlah is proudly made here in the USA.
  • Designed to work with 1.5″ and smaller thigh straps.
  • Made in USA
  • Berry Compliant
  • Lowered Strap placement
  • Articulates thigh strap for ease of movement
Thigh straps not included
UPC 850027445397
Color/Finish Gray
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